Phandu Communications’s vision is to be a world-class Systems Integration and Business Consulting organisation through differentiated, yet customised services and product delivery, thereby maximising the value creation for all stakeholders.

Phandu Communications’s mission is to partner with clients and to provide them with business and IT solutions required to unlock the full potential of their organisations throughout the business life-cycle.

Phandu Communications’s client-centric approach seeks to align people, processes and technology, based on the strategic management of these elements.

Phandu Communications invests in its employees and views them as its biggest asset. Phandu Communications trains and develops staff to meet and exceed client’s expectations.

As a socially responsible organisation, Phandu Communications continues to uphold and adhere to empowerment policies as governed by South African laws.

Phandu Communications is involved in community development. Phandu Communications runs internship programmes which assist in skills transfer. Phandu Communications has given a number of students an opportunity to train immediately from Universities and Collages so as to give them job experience in the IT sector. Many of these students have been employed at Phandu Communications throughout the years and some currently occupy higher positions within the sector.

Phandu Communications strives to achieve the best outcome; for its clients and for South Africa as a whole.